George Spillman: Volunteer to Boost Your Career

George Spillman lives and works in Roseville, California. George Spillman has over a decade of experience as an executive professional in the technology industry and he maintains an outstanding reputation. In the words of one colleague, “he’s the model of professionalism with compassion . . . no matter where he is, he’s upholding his role as a dedicated member of society.”

George Spillman

Among the many ways that George Spillman has boosted his career and built his reputation is through volunteer work. Points like those below might help you understand how helping others can improve your career:

  • Skill-Building

Volunteering is a free opportunity to build professional skills. You gain experience, references and training in exchange for donating your time. Such a valuable skill-building experience is rare outside of pro bono positions.

Look for volunteer opportunities that would help you build the skills you’d like to add to your portfolio.

  • Networking

All types of people volunteer, and you get to meet them when you donate your time. You could meet your future boss, find your dream job or team up with a new business partner through volunteering positions.

Capitalize on networking opportunities at volunteering positions by bringing business cards for easy information exchange. Most importantly, be open to forming new friendships and greet each new person warmly.

  • References and Experience

The age-old conundrum of needing experience to get experience is shattered by volunteer work. Taking the right volunteering position might give you the references and experience you need to land your dream job.

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