George Spillman: Fun Family Outdoor Activities

George Spillman is a successful professional who lives and works in Roseville, California. George Spillman maintains a positive reputation as a compassionate, family-oriented professional among peers and community members, and he’s never far from the great outdoors.

George Spillman

When he isn’t working or volunteering, George Spillman enjoys fun activities like boating and hiking with his family by his side. This brings them closer together, keeps everyone healthy and forms lasting memories. If you’d like to explore similar bonding with your loved ones, options like those below are great places to begin:

  • Boating

Mr. Spillman and his family love boating at Folsom Lake. Boating is a fun family bonding activity that exposes you to new things and gives everyone a chance to learn something. Plus, boat rentals can be surprisingly affordable at local lakes.

  • Hiking

Hiking is yet another favorite family activity for Mr. Spillman. It’s easy to get everyone outside and walking up a trail, and you don’t need to buy or rent gear to do it, in most cases. If everyone has a water bottle and sunscreen, you’re ready for a small family adventure.

  • Sports

From outdoor mini-golf courses to tennis to soccer, finding a sport that everyone loves is an excellent way to get your family outdoors. Mr. Spillman’s family enjoys golfing, for example. Try a few sports to find something your family enjoys and then make a tradition of it.

George Spillman

Don’t wait for next month or next year to start spending quality time outdoors with your family. Take a page from George Spillman and head out under the sun with your loved ones on your next day off.

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George Spillman: Tips to Boost Your Professional Image

George Spillman is an ex-Army Ranger who lives and works in Roseville, California, as an executive professional in the technology industry. George Spillman maintains an excellent professional image and works to improve his reputation whenever possible.

George Spillman

“He has established himself as the go-to-guy time and time again,” said one of George Spillman’s peers. Another remarked that Mr. Spillman is “the model of professionalism with compassion . . . no matter where he is, he’s upholding his role as a dedicated member of society.”

George Spillman

If you’d like to maintain a similarly-positive professional image, tips like those below will help:

  • Volunteer

Take inspiration from Mr. Spillman and volunteer within your community. This will help you build new professional skills and establish yourself as a compassionate person who wants to help others. You can gain multiple references from a single volunteer opportunity.

Volunteering also shows personal initiative to improve and contribute to society, which can be a plus in the eyes of a potential employer.

  • Clean Your Social Media

Scan your social media and remove or hide things that do not represent you as the professional you are trying to be. Your social media accounts reveal much about you, and you could be painting yourself in the wrong light.

Once you’ve cleaned your past posts, be mindful of what you post in the future. Also, never use a personal account for professional contacts.

George Spillman

Follow the footsteps of professionals like George Spillman and never stop learning about improving in your field. This, combined with tips like those above, can help you build the best-possible professional image.

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George Spillman: Volunteering with the Whole Family

George Spillman lives in Roseville, California, with his family. His professional and personal associates know him as a compassionate family man who enjoys helping others whenever possible.

George Spillman
George Spillman Washington

With his family by his side, George Spillman volunteers in and around his community, lending his aid at community sports and continued education programs in his area. This family activity has helped him bond with loved ones while giving back to the world.

If you’d like to volunteer with your family, tips like those below will get you started:

  • Community Events

Look for community events and ask about volunteer opportunities. Give the event organizers information about your family and they can help you find positions that fit your needs. This is also a good way to establish a sense of community in little ones.

  • Family Interests

What does everyone in your family love? Whatever the answer, you can probably find an opportunity that fits it.

For example, if everyone loves animals, volunteer at a shelter. If everyone loves cooking, volunteer at a soup kitchen. If everyone loves acting, volunteer for something fun like a murder/mystery fundraiser.

  • Make Your Own Opportunities

If you and your family want/need a completely flexible schedule, create your own opportunities.

For example, you can give away lemonade on hot days, offer free dog walking for neighbors or pick up trash on a family walk once a week.

George Spillman
George Spillman Washington

Remember, choose volunteer options that the whole family will enjoy. People like George Spillman keep everyone in mind when selecting a family outing of any sort, and you should too.

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George Spillman: Getting Involved with Your Community

George Spillman is a seasoned professional and retired Army Ranger who lives and works in Roseville, California. George Spillman has over a decade of professional experience and spends much of his free time involved with community events and programs.

George Spillman
Business people working in a conference room.

By volunteering to help his community, George Spillman has established himself as a positive and compassionate professional to a large network of peers. He has also given more meaning to his life.

If you’d like to get involved with your community too, tips like those below might help:

  • Local Events

Watch the local newspaper for events near you. Attending local events can help you meet people and learn what’s important to those in your community.

  • Volunteer

Most communities have multiple opportunities to volunteer your time. From working with a local animal shelter to helping with school programs, you can find a chance to donate your time almost anywhere. When you volunteer regularly, you’ll establish yourself as a somebody in your community.

  • Donate Resources

If you don’t have time to get involved with local events or volunteer programs, you can donate resources. Look for donation drives in your area and give what you can to help.

  • Join Groups

Joining local groups that relate to your interests still counts as community involvement. Take time to research what’s available and get involved. From weekly knitting classes to a martial arts group, any local group that interests you is worth trying.

If you have someone like George Spillman in your life, consider establishing a mentor/mentee relationship to help you as you become a more active member of your community.

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