George Spillman: Getting Involved with Your Community

George Spillman is a seasoned professional and retired Army Ranger who lives and works in Roseville, California. George Spillman has over a decade of professional experience and spends much of his free time involved with community events and programs.

George Spillman
Business people working in a conference room.

By volunteering to help his community, George Spillman has established himself as a positive and compassionate professional to a large network of peers. He has also given more meaning to his life.

If you’d like to get involved with your community too, tips like those below might help:

  • Local Events

Watch the local newspaper for events near you. Attending local events can help you meet people and learn what’s important to those in your community.

  • Volunteer

Most communities have multiple opportunities to volunteer your time. From working with a local animal shelter to helping with school programs, you can find a chance to donate your time almost anywhere. When you volunteer regularly, you’ll establish yourself as a somebody in your community.

  • Donate Resources

If you don’t have time to get involved with local events or volunteer programs, you can donate resources. Look for donation drives in your area and give what you can to help.

  • Join Groups

Joining local groups that relate to your interests still counts as community involvement. Take time to research what’s available and get involved. From weekly knitting classes to a martial arts group, any local group that interests you is worth trying.

If you have someone like George Spillman in your life, consider establishing a mentor/mentee relationship to help you as you become a more active member of your community.

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