George Spillman: Volunteering with the Whole Family

George Spillman lives in Roseville, California, with his family. His professional and personal associates know him as a compassionate family man who enjoys helping others whenever possible.

George Spillman
George Spillman Washington

With his family by his side, George Spillman volunteers in and around his community, lending his aid at community sports and continued education programs in his area. This family activity has helped him bond with loved ones while giving back to the world.

If you’d like to volunteer with your family, tips like those below will get you started:

  • Community Events

Look for community events and ask about volunteer opportunities. Give the event organizers information about your family and they can help you find positions that fit your needs. This is also a good way to establish a sense of community in little ones.

  • Family Interests

What does everyone in your family love? Whatever the answer, you can probably find an opportunity that fits it.

For example, if everyone loves animals, volunteer at a shelter. If everyone loves cooking, volunteer at a soup kitchen. If everyone loves acting, volunteer for something fun like a murder/mystery fundraiser.

  • Make Your Own Opportunities

If you and your family want/need a completely flexible schedule, create your own opportunities.

For example, you can give away lemonade on hot days, offer free dog walking for neighbors or pick up trash on a family walk once a week.

George Spillman
George Spillman Washington

Remember, choose volunteer options that the whole family will enjoy. People like George Spillman keep everyone in mind when selecting a family outing of any sort, and you should too.

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