George Spillman of Washington – How to Taste Wine

George Spillman has become a wine connoisseur since moving from his native Washington to Northern California following a stint as a US Army Ranger in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has fallen in love with his new home in Northern California and thoroughly enjoys all that the region has to offer, including excellent wines and wine production. Spillman has sampled several of the local vineyards in the area and has found himself building his wine tasting skills in the process.

George Spillman Washington

George Spillman had to be educated in how to properly taste and appreciate good wine since he moved from Washington to Northern California. He has gradually developed a taste for some of the best wines in the country, produced throughout Northern California in the area where he lives.

When tasting wine, before you even put the glass to your lips, take a good look at its color and overall consistency. Look for a dark red texture or a crisp white color, depending on which type of wine you’re tasting. Next, you have to smell the wine to get an idea of the wine’s body and flavor profile while picking up all of the flavor notes that you can.

After you’ve considered the aroma and the appearance of a good wine, it’s time to taste. Take a small sip and let the wine sit in your mouth for a moment before spitting or swallowing. Feel the wine on your palate.

George Spillman Washington native and local business owner in Northern California.


George Spillman – Graduate of US Army Ranger School Deployed out of Fort Lewis, Washington

George Spillman is a graduate of the US Army Ranger school and was deployed out of Fort Lewis, Washington when he fought overseas. Spillman earned the Carnegie Medal after rescuing a mother and her children from a burning truck in the field. He is now the owner of several small businesses in Northern California and is currently looking into the technology industry after working in the property development sector for much of his business career. The discipline that Spillman built as a US Army Ranger, especially when in training, helped him build his career after he left the Army and started his own business in Northern California.

George Spillman Washington

George Spillman, before he was deployed from Fort Lewis, Washington, had to graduate from the most difficult military training school in the world. The US Army Ranger School prepares students to join the most elite and deadly fighting force within the world’s most powerful military. Ranger Training began with the formation and official training of seventeen Airborne Companies by the Ranger Training Command in 1950 at Fort Benning, Georgia. Training is sixty-one days of intense physical conditioning, weapons training, tactical training, and more. Many soldiers drop out of Ranger school because of the intense training, but Spillman stuck it out and earned the title ‘Ranger.’

George Spillman eventually was deployed from Fort Lewis, Washington to fight overseas. The structure and accountability he internalized as a Ranger gave him the tools he needed to succeed in business as well.


George Spillman of Washington – Three Things All Entrepreneurs Need to Survive

George Spillman, born in Washington state, has been a successful entrepreneur in Northern California for the past twenty years. He has built several successful companies in that time in several industries, including real estate development and retail. He has sold most of his companies and is looking forward to founding a new technology company to take advantage of the tech boom going on now in Northern California. Here are three things he has learned all entrepreneurs need to survive and thrive:

George Spillman Washington

  • Confidence. Confidence in yourself, your products and services, and your company goes a long way to finding investors and inspiring customers to patronize your business. When you have confidence in your products and your brand, it shows through to your consumers and investors.
  • Secure operating budget. Most businesses in the United States don’t make it past their first year, and most don’t make a profit in that timeframe. To keep your business afloat until you can establish a large customer base, you’ll need your operating budget to sustain your expenses as far into the future as possible.
  • An all-star team. If your business is successful enough and it becomes necessary to handle demand for your products or services, you’ll have to invest in the best possible staff and management team to help run your company. George Spillman, after he moved from Washington, invested in the best personnel he could find to run his businesses and find success.

George Spillman Washington was a United States Army Ranger based out of Fort Lewis, Washington before he started his business career.