George Spillman of Washington State – Three Tips to Effectively Manage Your Time

George Spillman grew up in Washington state and, after a stint in the US Army in which he earned a Carnegie Medal for heroism, he moved to Northern California to start a business. His property development outfit performed well and his business career had begun. Throughout his career, Spillman has had to organize and manage his time more effectively than anyone else to be successful. Here are three ways to help you manage your time in anything you do:

George Spillman Washington
George Spillman Washington
  • Schedule time for distractions and interruptions. No matter how fine-tuned your schedule is, there will invariably be interruptions and distractions. Give yourself a cushion for disruptions in your schedule so that they don’t affect critical actions each day.
  • Set aside thirty minutes every morning to plan your day. Small details of your day can be ironed out in this time and help you adjust for possible disruptions to your schedule you couldn’t foresee a few days earlier.
  • Use the “Do Not Disturb” sign. If you work at a busy office like George Spillman of Washington does, put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign when you absolutely need to get work done. This keeps people from distracting you and also helps you focus just with the act of putting the sign on your door.

George Spillman Washington found success after moving from his familiar Washington state by effectively managing his time for his various business ventures. He is looking into the technology sector for his next business.