George Spillman: Fun Family Outdoor Activities

George Spillman is a successful professional who lives and works in Roseville, California. George Spillman maintains a positive reputation as a compassionate, family-oriented professional among peers and community members, and he’s never far from the great outdoors.

George Spillman

When he isn’t working or volunteering, George Spillman enjoys fun activities like boating and hiking with his family by his side. This brings them closer together, keeps everyone healthy and forms lasting memories. If you’d like to explore similar bonding with your loved ones, options like those below are great places to begin:

  • Boating

Mr. Spillman and his family love boating at Folsom Lake. Boating is a fun family bonding activity that exposes you to new things and gives everyone a chance to learn something. Plus, boat rentals can be surprisingly affordable at local lakes.

  • Hiking

Hiking is yet another favorite family activity for Mr. Spillman. It’s easy to get everyone outside and walking up a trail, and you don’t need to buy or rent gear to do it, in most cases. If everyone has a water bottle and sunscreen, you’re ready for a small family adventure.

  • Sports

From outdoor mini-golf courses to tennis to soccer, finding a sport that everyone loves is an excellent way to get your family outdoors. Mr. Spillman’s family enjoys golfing, for example. Try a few sports to find something your family enjoys and then make a tradition of it.

George Spillman

Don’t wait for next month or next year to start spending quality time outdoors with your family. Take a page from George Spillman and head out under the sun with your loved ones on your next day off.

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